Disability Insurance

If you are hurt and can’t work, what happens to your business and family?

Disability income insurance provides a monthly benefit to replace a portion of income should illness or injuries keep you from working.

We offer solutions for many different scenarios:

  • Individual Disability Coverage – For personal protection and small business.
  • Group Disability Income Coverage – Long-term or short-term coverage for groups of two or more people.
  • Interim-Term Disability Coverage – Provides temporary coverage until an employee qualifies for employer-sponsored disability coverage.
  • Disability Overhead Expense Coverage – Provides a monthly benefit for covered overhead expenses when a business owner is totally or partially disabled.
  • Disability Buy-Out Coverage – Funds a disability buy-out agreement with a lump sum or installment payments.
  • Key-Person Disability Coverage – Provides a benefit to the business in the event the key person is totally or partially disabled.

The Strategic Group offers disability through Northwestern Mutual and top providers, including, but not limited to:

• Guardian
• Principal Financial Group
• Reliance Standard
• Unum